My Proven Framework to +5-figure months for wellness providers

without needing a large audience

For heart-centered experts & coaches in the wellness industry looking for more time, space, and financial freedom doing what they love and loving who they serve.


Designed for the expert/coach who...

  • Desires serving their clients at a higher premium level & investment mindset
  • Wants more abundance and 5-figure/month freedom to grow their vision, team, and impact
  • Is burnt-out from constantly creating more offers, more sales, more content...
  • Is overwhelmed thinking they have to do it all (IG, YouTube, Podcasts, run ads, etc etc...)
  • Wants to build an online presence and digital system in order to sustainably grow and scale their business
  • Desires more balance, abundance, freedom, and impact

If that's you, this workshop will teach you how to conserve your time & energy and get efficiently smart with your business for +5 figure months and more!

About the Training

This intensive training is designed specifically for heart-centered teachers & coaches looking to get off the endless wheel of promoting their micro-offers of $20-100 services, ebooks, pdfs, memberships, and other micro-offerings.

With this proven strategy, you'll learn the exact roadmap my students an I use to 3-5x our income and level up your business in a soulfully aligned way that allows you to serve and feel valued while affording you more time and space to focus on the things that matter most.

If you've been developing your skills and have been serving your students/clients/audience, it's time to put all that working knowledge into a stronger system that works for you rather than against you! Cut the burn-out and work smarter, not harder. That's what this workshop is designed to help you do!

During this training, you will learn:

How to prioritize your time and energy to optimize your business and avoid burn out.

How to stand out and differentiate your offers amongst other experts in your field

How to create IRRESISTIBLE demand for your offer without feeling the constant need to sell or create content

How to increase sales organically without feeling salesy or using paid ads!

The underrated but crucial MUST-have for accelerated success.

My proven framework that works for you in the long-run to convert leads into clients (even as you sleep!)

Take your heart-centered services to the next level with more abundance, balance, and freedom using my proven framework that has built not just my own business, but many others' as well to 5-figure months and more!!

About Your Instructor / Coach Mama

Janice Liou (@janiceliou)

Janice Liou believes that everyone has the power to change his or her life. She has made it her life’s mission to share that possibility with the world. From mindset and yoga classes on her Om Life Living app to live coaching sessions for soulpreneurs all over the world, Janice is a powerful messenger of freedom and possibility.